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The "ATLAS Aerospace" company was set up at the end of 1999 to perform the commercial training of "cosmonaut-researchers" and "space tourists - participants of a space flight" and to accomplish commercial space missions on board the Russian "Soyuz" space vehicles, as well as on the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

Possessing a unique experience and knowledge in organization of space training and realization of space flights on the commercial basis, the "ATLAS Aerospace" in close cooperation with its partners was the first in the world to pave the way into space to all people of our planet regardless of their social and professional status.

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For first time in the world we offer an opportunity to acquire a unique experience in the course of training sessions for space flight.

We offer to our customers independent programs of space training such, as Zero-G flights, mastering skills for operations in outer space (extra-vehicular activity (EVA), survival training, aerobatics on board the combat aircraft, which give them an idea about the stages of the forthcoming flight in real time-scale.

Ground-based complex space simulators enable to acquire knowledge in the field of space vehicle and space station control, to study the space suit design, its lay-out and operational procedures, to get the sense of a G-load, which cosmonauts are exposed to at the stage of the space vehicle insertion and de-orbiting, as well as to distinguish and to identify celestial map from the height of the manned space complex orbit.

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We also consider involvement of the world community in promotion of the Russian huge scientific and industrial potential in the aerospace field by means of its participation in our programs as one of the company's main goals.

Our special program of children's space camps helps the teenagers to learn more about their future profession, related to aviation and cosmonautics, to love and to treasure our common house, called the Earth planet.

Our company is open to cooperation with any enterprise and organization worldwide, and hopes that due to our joint activity people throughout the world would have an opportunity to make their dream come true - to see and to realize the great importance of space exploration for the welfare of all the mankind.
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